We are developing the evidence generation methodologies and a new generation of AI driven analytics that can uniquely learn from each hospital system and adapt to its host environment to guide the transformation of all clinical, operational and administrative processes.


Cognome started when at Montefiore Health System we realized that a modern integrated care delivery system would need a buffet of thousands of machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence models, and decision support systems, both clinical and operational.


We learned that a higher level of intelligence and control is necessary to discover, connect, monitor, and manage those models, like an analytical brain of a hospital; one that can help manage and coordinate the delicate and complex process of digital transformation across the entire enterprise, while relentlessly learning from every patient, every provider, every facility, every device, every operation, and every process within the hospital system.


We have learned that each delivery system is unique in its culture, philosophy, priorities, strategic and competitive motivations, and resources; that "digital transformation" means different objectives, different starting points and milestones, and different analytic infrastructure for different delivery systems. There are no one-size fits all data and analytic models to be prescribed.


Digital transformation of healthcare is our core business, but artificial intelligence, machine learning,  data lakes, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Cloud Computing, and Edge Computing are in our toolbox.  


Startup Development Team

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